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10 ways to improve your nail art instantly

We recommend a professional nail art brush making the proper designs can be difficult without the right tools get a professional nail art brush

Plan your designs before painting it helps to sketch nail designs you can also pin inspiring ideas on pinterest plan and sketch designs

Topcoat your nail art afterward skipping the top coat makes nail art look amateurish and peels faster use a top coat

Also employ symmetrical nail patterns on most symmetry enhances your arts professionalism and sharpness use symmetrical designs

After painting your nails clean the skin around them accidentally painting your finger is common clean up when done

To paint nail art well practice nail art stands are affordable online if you want to go pro with nail art use stands to practice painting on others practice

Although timeconsuming you should cure your nails between layers create a hard surface to work on and avoid spreading the design cure the nails often

Watching many online tutorials might also assist professionals will teach you and let you practice watch lots of tutorials

Try new nail art equipment there are several so youll find ones that are simple and fun stencils and stamps work well try new nail art tools

Maintaining healthy nails improves design results a good choice is halal nail paint try halal nail polish