7 Haircuts Everyone In London Wants Right Now

Layered Cuts: London embraces '70s and '90s-inspired layered styles, from shags to shullets, offering versatility with fringe and varied lengths.

Box Bob: London's twist on the classic bob features shorter, square cuts with blunt ends for natural texture and movement.

Curly Bob: Curly hair gets a boost with layered bobs, reducing weight for enhanced movement and showcasing natural texture.

French Bob: Updated with layers and soft fringe, the French bob exudes chicness styled or air-dried, offering a cool London vibe with added shine.

Modern Mullets: Today's mullet blends extreme layers for a cohesive look, with shorter layers and longer pieces for a contemporary twist.

Extra-Long Layers: Keep length with added layers for a refreshed shape without sacrificing long locks.

Elf Crop: Predicted as London's 2023 trend, the elf crop features disconnected strands and textured edges, flattering medium to fine hair types with relaxed, contoured styling.