7 Slimming Haircuts And Hairstyles That Are Basically Beauty Magic

A Shaggy Lob: Popular for its airy feel, this cut hits just below the chin, offering lightness and neck elongation.

Side-swept Bangs: Flattering on short or long hair, they slim the cheeks without adding width like straight-across bangs.

A Deep Side Part: Mimic the slimming effect of side-swept bangs without the commitment, creating volume for rounder faces.

Long Layers: Soft curves around cheekbones and eyes flatter, avoiding the width emphasis of straight lines.

A Teased Ponytail: Softly teased for an effortless look, avoiding exaggeration of roundness in the face.

A Voluminous Topknot: Pulling hair high creates a longer, narrower appearance, softened by leaving loose pieces.

A Loose Low Bun: Keep it elegant and polished with a relaxed low chignon, framing the face with loose pieces.