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8 best exercises for rapid weight loss after 50

Cloud banner hold a dumbbell like a goblet by your chest keep your core tight and chest tall squat until your hips are parallel to the floor drive through your heels to stand flexing glutes and quads dumbbell goblet squats

Cloud banner place one hand and knee on a bench hold a dumbbell in the opposite hand extend your arm down then row the weight up to your hip squeezing lats and upper back straighten and repeat dumbbell rows

Cloud banner grab the wide grip attachment on a seated row machine plant feet on the footpad straighten legs and pull the handle driving elbows back wide grip cable rows

Cloud banner hold dumbbells by your shoulders engage your core squat until hips are parallel to the floor drive through heels and use momentum to press weights overhead dumbbell thrusters

Cloud banner hold dumbbells with arms at your sides step one leg forward plant foot and descend into a lunge back knee touches the ground step forward with the other leg and repeat dumbbell walking lunges

Cloud banner place feet in front and slightly out press up to unlock the machine lower yourself like a squat until hips are at 90 degrees press through heels to rise squeezing glutes at the top hack squats

Cloud banner sit and place feet on the platform just outside shoulderwidth point toes out slightly drive through heels to press yourself away extending legs lower back to start position leg presses

Cloud banner stand with dumbbells in hand back foot on a bench step out two to three feet lower into a split squat back knee almost touching the floor press up to stand flexing quads and glutes bulgarian split squats