8 Cool French Crop Haircut Styles

Crop Top Fade: A sleek and fashionable haircut for men, with options for low, mid, or high taper fade on the sides and back.

Crop Top Low Fade: Sophisticated and charming, perfect for professionals. Tapers just above the ears for a less dramatic finish.

Crop Top High Fade: Bold and exceptional, with a high taper fade that maximizes contrast for a standout look.

Crop Top Mid Fade: Combines edgy and classic, with a medium fade on the sides and a youthful French crop on top.

French Crop Undercut: Trendy and fresh, featuring a striking contrast with disconnected sides and back.

French Crop with Skin Fade: Adds dimension to your faded crop top, with options for high, mid, or low skin fade for a bald finish.

Short French Crop: Cool and low-maintenance, suited for men who want a natural, finished look without styling.

Long French Crop: Short yet versatile, with a crew cut-like length in the front and more volume on top for styling options.