8 Low-maintenance Haircuts That Won't Eat Up Your Morning Routine

Long Layers: Effortlessly chic like Jen Aniston, long face-framing layers require minimal upkeep with just occasional trims.

The Rachel 2.0: Jen Aniston's iconic '90s Rachel cut returns with longer layers for easier styling and a flattering face-framing effect.

Single Length Cut: Opt for a polished look with no layers, ideal for straight or thin hair, creating the illusion of fullness with blunt ends.

Layered Curls: Refresh your curls with a fresh cut, clearing shoulders and adding layers for maximum bounce and definition.

Long Curls: Maintain length with added layers to reduce bulk and enhance curl pattern, styling with a cream for smooth, defined curls.

An Angular Lob: The universally flattering lob features longer front pieces, gradually tapering at the back for easy maintenance and timeless style.

A Shoulder-Length Shag: Transition from a lob to a shoulder-length shag with curtain bangs for a '70s-inspired look, perfect for air-drying.

A Pixie Shag: Longer top layers and soft bangs define this easily manageable pixie shag, offering a stylish retro vibe with added body and texture.