Brunch You Should Order, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

The bolder and harsher a menu item is, the greater the likelihood that you will order it.

Aries: Chilaquiles

Try a plate of chilaquiles (also known as breakfast nachos) the next time you're out with companions for brunch. 

Taurus: French Toast

French toasts topped with strawberries and powdered sugar were served for brunch on a wooden table.

Your brunch order must contain all the necessary components for the ideal bite. 

You are always the first to discover new trends and establishments, and you enjoy catching up with friends over mimosas.

Gemini: Avocado Toast

Therefore, we recommend ordering avocado toast the next time you go out to eat. 

Cancer: Southern-Style Grits

Cancers love comfort more than anyone else, which means you recognize good breakfast food.

Brunch is an excellent opportunity to order a childhood staple, such as creamy southern-style grits. 

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