Cat breeds and species worldwide

The Persian cat is one of the earliest breeds in the family of cats. They have long hair and silky fur, as well as puffy cheeks and a small cranium.


Maine coon

The name is Maine Coon suggests that the cat originated in the Mine region of England and was more prevalent as farm cats in the nineteenth century.


The Siamese is known for being talkative and active and has a stylish white and black appearance.

The Bengal cat's ancestor, Felis Bengalenis, was created by merging an Asian cat with a domestic cat from the United States.


Ragdoll cats are adorable, rotund, and furry felines that originated in California, United States.


Originating in Britain during the late Victorian era, Abyssinian cats are quite ancient.



This gorgeous cat breed, the Birman, is revered as a sacred animal in Burma. Nevertheless, they are a hybrid of Persians and Siamese.

The oriental shorthair cat varieties are distinguished by their long body lines, smooth bodies, and silky fur. 

Oriental Short Hair

The Balinese named these cats after exquisite dances in Bali, Indonesia, despite the fact that they originated in the United States and Thailand.


Egyptian Mau is a notable domesticated cat that is readily identifiable by its silver or bronze coat.

Egyptian Mau

The Himalayan cats are a cross between Persian and Siamese; they have the same blue eyes and color accents as their parents.


They are known for their unusual appearance and behavior, as well as their sculpted bodies.


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