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Cute summer manicure ideas to brighten your style

Orange and magenta swirls the best way to finish off any summer outfit is with some beautiful nail art that adds a splash of color and energy this summer is the time to wear bright colors cool pastels and fancy patterns

Neonyellow french tips this hue is stunning with its saturation and brightness french tips can highlight your nail shape

Lavender sparkly nails one of the loveliest summer colors is lavender you may easily dress this color up or down to suit your style

Orange and yellow wavy nails wavy lines are always a good summer nail design keep your look fresh by keeping most of your nail bed bare or clean adding a touch of color will finish it off and make you ready for summer

Baby blue nails to channel summer paint your nails baby blue it will keep your look bright simple and innocent while reminding you of the summer sky summer nail designs dont have to be bright oranges yellows or pinks

Dainty and colorful flowers summer nails should be bright and vivid using different hues helps you get into the summer spirit simply paint your tips in different colors and decorate your nail bed with delicate flowers

Bright burnt orange tips bright burnt orange is perfect for adding warmth to your manicure this bold toneddown tint is hard to overlook especially if applied sparingly