Modern Bleached Hairstyles For Men

Platinum Blonde Hair: Stylish for any length, try all-over platinum or highlights for contrast. Plus, pair with a beard for extra style.

Bleach Blonde Hair: This iconic style, suits all hair types. Use low to medium-hold products for a textured, natural look maximizing volume.

Bleached Undercut: Bold and trendy, elevates the popular undercut style. Versatile with different hair types and lengths.

Bleached Quiff: Timeless style with a trendy twist. Add volume and flow, perfect for most face shapes and hair textures.

Bleached Comb Back: Casual take on the slick back, effortlessly cool. Pairs well with clean-shaven or stubble looks.

Bleached Buzz Cut: Fashion-forward and daring, great with fades or shaved sides. Minimalist yet confident style.

Bleached Afro: Statement-making style, sure to draw attention. Moisturize curly hair post-bleaching to prevent dryness.