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The 7 best new trader joes products under 5 this april

Mini dark chocolate mint coins these bitesized dark chocolate coins infused with mint flavor are perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth

Organic cold brew coffee with coconut cream enjoy the smooth and rich flavor of cold brew coffee with a hint of creamy coconut all in a convenient singleserve can

Everything but the bagel greek style yogurt dip a savory dip inspired by trader joes popular everything but the bagel seasoning blend perfect for pairing with veggies or chips

Spicy cheese crunchies these crunchy cheese snacks are infused with spicy flavor making them a perfect snack for heat lovers

Roasted coconut chips these crispy coconut chips are lightly roasted and seasoned with sea salt making them a delicious and satisfying snack

Matcha green tea single serve packets enjoy the antioxidantrich goodness of matcha green tea in convenient singleserve packets perfect for onthego enjoyment

Honey aleppo sauce this sweet and spicy sauce is made with honey and aleppo pepper perfect for adding a flavorful kick to your favorite dishes