The 7 Most Flattering Haircuts & Hair Styles For Oval Faces

Long Layers: Jennifer Aniston's signature cut frames the face, adds dimension, and suits oval faces with ease. Prep with hydrating products for a smooth finish.

Shoulder-Length Waves: Julia Roberts' tousled lob with waves lengthens the face and highlights cheekbones. Hydrate hair and diffuse for natural waves.

Full Fringe: Blunt bangs below eyebrows enhance eyes and balance bone structure for oval faces. Prep and dry fringe first for best results.

Layered Bob: Sassy and versatile, adds movement and texture, ideal for natural waves. Hydrate and prep for defined curls without losing body.

Side-Swept Pixie: A pixie cut showcases facial features elegantly for oval faces. Easy to style with some length on top for versatility.

Cropped Pixie: Modern and low-maintenance, perfect for natural texture. Start with hydrating products for a confident, striking look.

Polished Curls: Elegant and timeless, keep length below collarbones. Prep with lightweight serum and add loose curls for a classic finish.