The Best Haircuts For Women In 2024

Butterfly Haircut: Offers front face framing with shorter hair, retaining length elsewhere, providing versatility.

Octopus Haircut: Round and bulbous on top, spreading out at the bottom, with wispy layers resembling a shag.

Air Bangs: Fine and wispy see-through bangs, cut delicately to reveal the forehead, a staple style in Seoul.

Power Bob: Sleek bob at or below the chin, popularized by HBO's Succession, devoid of layers for a strong look.

The Shullet: Blend of shag and mullet, adding generous texture throughout, ideal for finer hair types.

The Smullet: Shorter version of the shullet, falling just above the shoulders for a lob appearance.

The Mixie: Edgy haircut longer in the back like a mullet, shorter in the front like a pixie, offering low maintenance.

The Italian Bob: Florence Pugh's trendy bob with interior layers for separation and shape control.