Best Running Dogs

As members of the athletic group, Weimaraners are by nature athletes.



This dog from the sporting group possesses exceptional stamina and agility. 



They are all-around athletes and one of the fastest dog breeds, being able to run up to 40 mph.

Afghan Hound

Afghans look more like supermodels than sprinters, but they are also an old breed.

These cute dogs with bat ears have the same long, thin legs and bodies as the other fastest dog types.

Ibizan Hound

You're right if you think the sleek Whippet looks like a smaller Greyhound. 


These cute little guys may look like jumping teddy bears, but they're shockingly fast. 

 Jack Russell Terrier

The beautiful spotted Dalmatian is one of the most unique-looking dog breeds.


The Borzoi, which is also called a Russian Wolfhound, is a beautiful, goofy, long-legged dog that loves.


They have a silvery-gray coat, floppy ears, and either blue or green eyes.


The head of these smooth, sleek dogs is topped by their characteristically pointed Pinscher ears. 


The Border Collie is a well-liked dog breed that is smart, active, and fast. It is also one of the fastest dog types. 

Border Collie

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