The Only Fast Food Salads We'Re Willing To Eat - Pondview Landscape

The only fast food salads were willing to eat lined circle

Lined circle dairy queen crispy chicken strips salad this salad is similar to dairy queens other offerings but ranks slightly higher because the crispy coating of the chicken strips almost resembles croutons however it s suggested to skip the salad and just enjoy a cone instead

Lined circle jack in the box club salad jack in the boxs club salad offers either grilled or crispy chicken and includes grape tomatoes and sliced cucumbers adding crispness and textural variety it also comes with croutons setting it apart from dairy queens options

Lined circle anything from subway subways salads are simply their sandwich toppings on a bed of lettuce despite having the largest salad lineup among fast food chains the quality of ingredients and lack of creativity leave much to be desired

Lined circle chickfila market salad this salad includes strawberries blueberries and two types of apples topped with sweet and salty granola and apple cider vinaigrette with 26 grams of sugar per salad it s more like a dessert

Lined circle wendys taco salad wendys taco salad includes crispy lettuce tortilla chips sour cream and their iconic chili however the chips are too large and the warm chili wilts the lettuce making it an awkward combination

Lined circle jack in the box southwest salad this southwest salad features grilled or crispy chicken cheddar cheese grape tomatoes fireroasted corn and crispy tortilla chips topped with a creamy smoky southwest dressing

Lined circle wendys apple pecan salad wendys fruitforward salad includes dried cranberries providing a nice change in texture pecans add more exciting texture and flavor than the almonds in chickfilas salad

Lined circle wendys parmesan caesar salad wendys caesar salad captures the classic flavors of crisp romaine savory parmesan and rich anchovyscented dressing crispy parmesan croutons add an extra layer of flavor

Lined circle chickfila cobb salad chickfila s cobb salad tops the list due to its numerous protein options and a variety of toppings including roasted corn charred tomato crispy red peppers and monterey jack cheese the avocado lime ranch dressing is a perfect finishing touch