These Are The 8 Cheapest Horses To Keep As Pets

Rescue Horse: Consider rescuing a horse for $500 to $750, but check its status and adaptability. Trauma or injury may affect bonding, and climate compatibility matters.

Mustang: Wild mustangs, though cheap, need vet checks. You can train one yourself or buy from the U.S. government for as low as $25 in rescue programs.

Appaloosa: Friendly and cheap, Appaloosas sport spotted coats. Get one for under $1000; they're great for long activities due to their stamina.

Paint Horse: Unique patches make Paint horses affordable, especially unregistered ones. Expect to pay $750 to $1000, depending on registration status.

Grade Horse: Grade horses, with unclear lineage, range from $800 to $1000. They're a result of non-selective breeding and can offer a cheaper option.

Arabian Horse: Arabians, with distinct traits, are affordable due to differing appearances. Their feisty yet loving nature makes them great pets for around $1000.

Quarter Horse: Mixing four breeds, Quarter horses are versatile and friendly, usually cheaper due to varied ancestry. They excel in various activities.

Crossbred Horse: Crossbred horses, with unique coat patterns, are affordable but may have health issues. Expect to pay $1000 to $3000 depending on ancestry.