Trendy Shaggy Hairstyles For Men

Short Shaggy Hair: Low-maintenance yet stylish haircut, that pairs well with taper fade for contrast and texture.

Long Shaggy Hair: Show off thick locks with wavy or straight hair, requires upkeep and quality hair care products.

Medium Length Shaggy Hair: Versatile and trendy, strikes balance between long and short, easy to style for different looks.

Shag Fade: Modern and classy, adds trendiness to shag hairstyle, easy to style with frequent barber visits.

Shaggy Undercut: Sharp vintage cut with modern shag, versatile with straight, wavy, or curly hair, pairs well with stubble.

Messy Shaggy Hair: Effortless and relaxed, perfect for rock stars and surfers, styled with medium to high-hold products.

Curly Shaggy Hair: Showcases sexy curls with untamed, carefree nature, complements each other for stylish cut.

Thick Shaggy Hair: Trendy option for unruly thick hair, stylish yet low maintenance, requires high-hold products.