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What color makeup should i wear color theory simplified

The color wheel a good place to start learning about makeup color theory is by getting to know the color wheel colors are arranged in a circle on a color wheel which usually has primary secondary and third colors these colors are very important when applying makeup

The color harmony triad the idea of a color harmony triad is often used in makeup color theory to create looks that go well together to do this pick three colors on the color wheel that are evenly spaced from each other

Skin tone and undertones knowing your skin tone and undertones is one of the most important parts of makeup color theory the depth of your skin tone can range from fair to deep and the undertones can be warm cool or neutral

Color correction the process of color repair includes using colors that are opposites on the color wheel to cover up flaws on the skin for instance green makeup can be used to cover up redness

Eye makeup understanding color theory is important for making eye makeup looks that are truly appealing the color of your eyeshadow should go well with your eyes and bring out their natural beauty

Lipstick selection choosing the right shade of lipstick can finish off your makeup look when picking out makeup colors think about the hues and tone of your skin different skin tones can look good in bright pinks deep plums and bold reds