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Why hydration sprays are a musthave in your daily beauty routine

When you wake up sometimes mornings are hard to get up comfortable under the covers on a cold morning so grab st ives zing hydrating face mist is brilliant

After using toner for those who like toner spray your skin afterward toners clean and prepare skin for moisturizer which includes face mist

Before adding moisturizer why use a hydrating face spray before moisturizer to maximum power hydrating first helps skin absorb what follows

Before after makeup how can facial mist improve makeup application count the methods it offers a smooth moisturized base for your foundation

To refresh makeup need a tip for going out with morning makeup we have two first this is why you need face spray after makeup it sets makeup to last all day

Post workout the scenario you forgot face wash after a tough workout leave with a sweaty face or a hydrated shine

Before going to bed it should be applied 20 minutes before bed to absorb into your skin and not rub off on your pillow